Hojun Moon

  • Course: Integrated MS-PhD Program
  • Research Topic: Multi-phase flow ..
  • Contact: mhj2013 at postech.ac.kr
  • Member Since January 2014






  • Moon, H. & You, D., 2016, Computational analysis of an air jet in cross water flow. 제 9회 한국유체공학학술대회, August 10-12, Daegu, Korea.
  • Moon, H. & You, D., 2016, Numerical simulation of an air jet in cross water flow with application to air layer drag reduction. 9th International Conference on Multiphase Flow. May 22-27, Florence, Italy.
  • Yu, T., Park, J., Moon, H., Shim, J., You, D., Kim, D., & Ovsyannikov, A., 2014, Numerical simulation of liquid-layer breakup on a moving wall due to an impinging jet. 67th Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics, American Physical Society. November 23-25, San Francisco, CA, USA.


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  • Advanced Fluid Mechanics, 2015
  • Thermodynamics, 2014