Jeonghwan Song

  • Course: Integrated M.S.-Ph.D. Program
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  • Contact: songjh2015 at
  • Member since March 2019


1. Publications

  • Song, J., You, D. “A Through-Flow Analysis for Application to Off-Design of Axial Gas Turbines.” International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences, 2023.
  • Song, J.*, Kim, T.*, & You, D. “Particle swarm optimization of a wind farm layout with active control of turbine yaws.” Renewable Energy, vol.206, pp. 738-747, 2023.

2. Presentations

  • Song, J., Kim, T., Kim, C. & You, D. “Optimization of a wind farm layout with consideration of active yaw control” The 12th National Congress on Fluids Engineering, June 22-24, 2022, Changwon, Korea.
  • Song, J., Jeon, Y. & You, D. “A through-flow analysis for application to off-design of axial gas turbines” 13th Asian Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, October 16-19, 2022, Jeju, Korea.

3. Awards

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