Innyoung Kim

  • Course: Integrated M.S.-Ph.D. Program
  • Research Topic: Automation of computational fluid dynamics using deep reinforcement learning
  • Contact: innykim at
  • Member since March 2020


1. Publications

  • Kim, I., Yoon, D., Jeong, J., Kim, S., & You, D. “Domain reduction strategy for large-eddy simulation to predict underwater radiated noise from a marine propeller.” Ocean Engineering279, 114538, 2023.
  • Kim, S.*, Kim, I.*, & You, D. “Multi-condition multi-objective optimization using deep reinforcement learning.” Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 462, 111263, 2022.
  • Jeong, J., Kim, I., Yoon, D. & You, D. “Numerical Analysis of Underwater Radiated Noise Over a Marine Propeller.” Journal of Computational Fluids Engineering, 2021.

2. Presentations

  • Kim, I., Kim, S. & You, D. “Automatic mesh generation for blades using deep reinforcement learning.” The 12th National Congress on Fluids Engineering, June 22-24, 2022, Changwon, Korea.

3. Awards

  • Kim, I.BK21+ best paper award”, the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), December 13, 2022

4. Teaching (e.g. T.A.)

  • Thermodynamics (Undergraduate), Spring 2020